Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry: Shark-like Behavior, During Shark Week or Not, is Unacceptable!


Each day you are eager to see what will become of it. Will the girls be on good standings with each other or not? A new day has emerged. I started to get my first dose of sibling rivalry with the girls early in the morning, like just seconds after they woke up at 7:25 a.m. when EVERYONE was supposed to be asleep still. Since you do know, that it’s in the middle of summer! There is no reason why they needed to be awake at this hour causing chaos towards one another. I could tell they were still tired. Needing sleep. Whiny. This summer has proven that at least 2/4 girls have been on a love/hate, BFF/worst enemies that have turned so often that it’s got me grinding my teeth.

It always starts off in the mornings and just carries through the ENTIRE DAY! It starts off with, “QUIT LOOKING AT ME! DON’T CALL ME NAMES! I AM SMARTER THAN YOU!” and so on and on and on. This drives me absolutely crazy! Sometime during the mid-morning they will be on a compromise where they are playing Barbie’s (mind you these munchkins I’m referring to are 5, 8, & 10 – still young enough to play without being weirded about it all). Since they have started to play nicely, I leave the room to attended to the mountains of laundry that seemed to have SPROUTED in hours of completing what I thought was all the laundry in the laundry room.

As I was putting laundry into the washer, I started to hear yelling, screaming crying, and toys being chunked across the room hitting the walls. Doors. It is starting to sound like World War 50 in their room. I rushed into the room and saw Syd and Kylie on the floor wrestling with one another over a pair of purple high heels that belonged to Skipper (a Barbie). Seriously! What are they thinking? I just stare blankly at them like they have literally, lost their minds. What I did see, was the younger one biting the crap out of the older one’s arm. Hard. I broke up the fight. Sent Syd to her room after firmly telling her it is not ok to bite and we have had this speech so many times. It’s exhausting. You would think she would know NOT to do it, no matter how mad she gets at someone. I applied ice on K’s bite mark. She calmed down quickly and liked the fact that Syd was getting in trouble and she was getting the special treatment. I have no idea on why she thought ice in a Ziploc sandwich bag was special, but whatever floats her boat.

After about 20 minutes I told Syd she could come out of her room and play nicely with Shelby and Kylie. I overhear Shelby tell Syd, “NO BITING!” I don’t know what that was supposed to be – whether it was a nice way of reminding Syd or it was because she knew Syd got in trouble for it. Maybe it was just a 1 time deal that happened when Shark Week appeared. Whatever the case. Jaw’s like behavior is a no-no. I will not tolerate it. Shark Week or not. Biting is unacceptable in our family.


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