Happy 5th Birthday, Shelby!

IMG_3100 (Edited)

10 things I love about you…

This is written in honor of my daughter, Shelby, turning 5! I cannot believe on how fast this went! So here it goes…

1.) Your infectious laugh – it all started when you just about 9 months old. You laughed when your sisters “pretended” to get hurt, whether it was a toe being stubbed, they tripped and fell over their own two “left” feet, or when they made such a giggly face. We all ended up laughing with you!

2.) The ability to pull off that “perfect tan” when you were outside for 30 minutes or so.

3.) Your awesome dance moves – your fist pumping and booty shaking brings a smile to our faces every time.

4.) Your love for your Mom, Dad, and sisters – that you’d rather be hanging out at the house all day being a bum watching tv or YouTube kids than out running the roads visiting friends for play dates.

5.) Your charm – everywhere we go, you manage to have friends follow.

6.) Your ability to not only know every lyric of every song that is played in the car but to know who was singing it as well.

7.) Your love for music regardless who sings it.

8.) Your inability to say the right words – when your “L”s sound like “H”s.

9.) Your curiosity of what else the world has to offer.

10.) Your honesty – when I told you that I was excited that you were turning 5 this year and you are starting kindergarten this month. You said, “OK!” and ran off to get your back pack because you are ready too.

Happy Birthday to my baby girl who isn’t a baby anymore!

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