First Aid

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What is First Aid? First Aid is defined as help and medical assistance that someone gives before a professional medical is available. First Aid consists of specific, knowledge, and skills.

I am going to provide some information on what to do, the ability, and how to go about getting the treatment in case of an emergency. Cuts, puncture wounds, sprains, stains, and nosebleeds are more critical First Aid emergencies.

It is important to be able to recognize an emergency and how to call for medical attention. Small injuries (i.e. scratch, splinter, or puncture wound) can lead to infections and need an immediate examination. Treatments are necessary for all injury regardless on how tiny to how major the injury is.


First Aid Providers

The Good Samaritan Statues Law: Laws that enacted by various states that protect healthcare providers and other rescuers. The laws are effect for those who provide the person who uses reasonable prudent guidelines for care.

Assess and Secure the Scene


Try to work the scene. Assess all forces involved. Any one subjected to force which may result in a broken bone to the neck, head, or spine injury -NEVER, EVER move if at all is possible. Think Safety – Always. Continue to reassess the safety of the accident.

Rendering Aid

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  • Find the problem after assessing the scene. Recognize the emergency.
  • It is important to recognize any warning signs of a heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, and/or choking.
  • Life-threatening will benefit from immediate action and advanced medical care.
  • Non life-threatening may not need immediate medical care, but would need to be cared for properly, i.e. bee stings, ant bites, etc.
  • Call for help once you’ve recognized the emergency. If you’re on a job and an emergency happens where you need to call for help; call 911 first and then your company emergency response number (if they have one).
  • Have a co-worker in the area to tell them  to call for help. Bring the first aid kid and AED (Auto External Defib). 911 will enter the information you give them and a response team would be on the way. When you are talking to the 911 operator, be sure to tell them your exact location, your name, a number you can be reached at, highway, mile marker, etc.


First Aid Kits

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Should be kept up high, away from young children. First Aid Kids should be available in all workplaces, in your home, and in your car. Placed in a place where it is easy to find. A well-stocked First Aid Kit can help respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies.

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